A Canadian teen pop band that experienced modest success during its decade-long run, the Moffatts were comprised of oldest sibling Scott and his triplet brothers Clint, Dave, and Bob. The sons of professional vocalists, the Vancouver-based boys launched their own performing career in 1990, at which time Scott was only seven years old and the triplets just six. The show saw the Moffatts live side-by-side with the Himba tribe in Namibia, where they learned about each other's customs. At the time, Scarlett posted a snap of the show on Instagram, writing ... Initial Meeting. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. We will discuss ways that we can help you achieve your financial objectives, using our holistic financial planning approach. A Canadian teen pop band that experienced modest success during its decade-long run, the Moffatts were comprised of oldest sibling Scott and his triplet brothers Clint, Dave, and Bob.The sons of professional vocalists, the Vancouver-based boys launched their own performing career in 1990, at which time Scott was only seven years old and the triplets just six. The Moffatts Biography by Jason Ankeny + Follow Artist. A Canadian teen pop band that experienced modest success during its decade-long run, the Moffatts were comprised of oldest sibling Scott and his triplet brothers Clint, Dave, and Bob. The sons of professional… Read Full Biography ... Discover one of the best family restaurants and chicken pot pies you’ve ever had at Moffett's Family Restaurant & Chicken Pie Shoppe. Call 626-447-4670. The Moffatts are a Canadian pop/rock band, composed of brothers Scott (lead vocals and guitar), Clint (bass), Bob (drums), and Dave Moffatt (lead vocals and keyboard). Eldest brother Scott was born on March 30, 1983 in Whitehorse, Yukon. Less than a year later, on March 8, 1984, triplets Bob, Clint and Dave were born in Vancouver, British Columbia. Moffatts Cemetery (defunct) Location Peoria, Peoria County , Illinois , USA Show Map Welcome to Moffatts. Moffatts Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors is an established three partner practice, with one office situated in South Manchester, which is conveniently located on the main road from Manchester city centre to Didsbury and Withington Village and a further office in Bolton with good transport links, being close to the M61 motorway. Fiona is a mother of two young children, whose career started as an administrator within the Company back in 2010. Keen to become a financial planner she quickly took on her learning and like the Directors of the firm became a Chartered Financial Planner in 2017.

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2020.09.19 20:36 RideshareAZ SparkCognition Adds Jim Moffatt and Ron Sugar to Advisory Board

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2020.09.19 14:02 Training555Table James Peter Moffatt - House of Cardin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2020)

DOWNLOAD LINK: Peter Moffatt - House of Cardin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2020)

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2020.09.15 20:28 From_Him_For_Him Bible Translations

On Line Bible Translations
Francis Weymouth
James Moffatt
The Message
Young's Literal
J.B. Phillips
The Passion Translation
Rotherham Emphasized
IXX Septuagint With Apocrypha
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2020.09.13 07:32 Scmods05 Your favourite Master entrance?

Rewatching S9, which I don't remember super loving, but I have an immense amount of respect for Moffatt absolutely not wasting time with Missy's re-entrance:

"Cutting to the chase. Not dead. Back. Big surprise. Never mind."

It's an amazing "look guys, I really can't be bothered spending even two minutes with this. Let's just get on with it."
The Master is a villain that's had a range of entrances over the journey though. What's your favourite?
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2020.09.10 15:39 templederr Scarlett Moffatt admits her anxiety is high after new Covid restrictions ruin 30th birthday plans

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2020.09.10 12:50 newsfeedmedia Scarlett Moffatt admits her anxiety is high after new Covid restrictions ruin 30th birthday plans

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2020.09.06 20:39 templederr Scarlett Moffatt says that people 'assume she's thick' because she's from the North

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2020.09.06 19:10 84Cressida [Jake Trotter] Browns signing rookie S Javonte Moffatt to the practice squad, per source. Moffatt had a really nice camp

[Jake Trotter] Browns signing rookie S Javonte Moffatt to the practice squad, per source. Moffatt had a really nice camp submitted by 84Cressida to Browns [link] [comments]

2020.09.05 01:49 unquietgraves Day 14: Cowboys must be regretting letting Olumba go.

Day 14: Guess who’s back?
Pads are on. Offense in Brown-White, Defense in White-Brown. The socks are my favorite part of the uniforms.
Puppy of the day is Kevin Stefluffski. Not exactly fluffy though.
Larry Ogunjobi and Joel Bitonio having a vet day, Willie Wright is stepping in. Greedy Williams, Kevin Johnson, Mack Wilson and MJ Stewart aren’t practicing either in the sidelines though.
The jogging after the introductions (which are kinda weird without the crowds) are fucking hilarious. Redwine jogs like a woman with scoliosis.
Lmao! Defensive linemen and Offensive linemen are competing to catch a punt. Sheldon vs Toth. Jamie booms it with some mustard for both punts, Toth falls trying to catch it, Sheldon bobbles it but catches it.
Couple of people in the stands all masked up and very well separated.
Offense versus air to perfect the plays.Seeing 3 TE sets, yeah I like that.
Nick Harris has a base like a fucking bulldog, bet you could hit him with a wrecking ball and he wouldn’t fall over.
Seems Baker has figured out to throw to his receivers with different levels of heat.
Seibert kicking the ball with some agression and precision. Ward almost gets a hand on the third kick, doesn’t faze Meatball though, he’s been perfect so far (got a fifty yarder right down the middle with enough power to light up the stadium).
I’m expecting GREAT THINGS from Takitaki, seems he’s getting better at recognizing plays and anticipating them. He pops off the screen during the walk through.
Daniel Ekuale (straight up killed Evan Brown) and Porter Gustin are napalm, basically bombed through the line to kill a play before it started.
Keenum with a short pass to Taywan Taylor who gets pushed out quickly.
Kevin Stefanski calling plays today, it’s still up in the air who will call plays.
Garrett Gilbert whets the ball to Natson but Meander claims he got him. Next is a pass to DPJ, smooth catch but Robert Jackson stops the play from progressing.
Benny LeMay should stay on the practice squad, dude has great burst and will run through your face.
Carlson with a nice catch from Gilbert then Taywan Taylor with a nicer catch off a rainbow from Gilbert. Robert Jackson was the corner, he got his ass handed to him. Taywan Taylor would have made this team in any other year, dude is as consistent as they come.
Keenum now in, gets it to Taywan Taylor. Good ball, better catch, great coverage from Olumba.
DPJ with a big time catch, great catch in traffic from a Keenum ball and he tries to get extra yards but gets touched.
3rd and goal, down 3. Keenum to DPJ on a corner fade, throw was a little behind. DPJ really tried man, laid out and everything. Keenum is rightfully pissed off at himself. Seibert ties the game.
Down 6, 2nd and 10 on the 38. Garret Gilbert is in went for a shit earlier and Olumba nearly picks it off. Tries for Higgins again, AJ Green closes the roads. Dude is much muscular than a typical Corner.
Benny LeMay gets the fiver and next is a short pass to JoJo Natson on a jerk route for a first down.
Gilbert tried a rainbow to Higgins, Olumba is fucking GAME! Two pass break ups on the drive from him. Slenderman type reach.
Javonte Moffatt ate that pass from Gilbert, gets the fucking interception.
Down 6, 20 seconds in the clock and no time out. Gilbert to DPJ and no complaints there, catches it and looks to hit a homer.
Chad Thomas and Ekuale pressure Gilbert into throwing away the pass.
Chad Thomas again, dude gets the in game sack and he’s looking lean and mean for that roster spot. Gilbert is doing some Rodgers shit with how long he’d holding on to the ball.
Gilbert has a tough outing, completed to DPJ but out of bounds, Robert Jackson with the nice coverage.
Down 6 again, Gilbert puts it up for Carlson who tries a one hander but SHELDRICK REDWINE was having none of that.
I’m genuinely not worried about our DBs (especially the Cornebacks as of today). Olumba is light outs! Robert Jackson isn’t too bad and AJ Green would be starting if Olumba hadn’t played out of his mind this camp.
Not a lot of televised first team action, seems more like a practice to confirm who is being cut and people to sign to the practice squad.
Edit: Harvard and Mommy Piñata have dashed my hopes and dreams of Slenderman Olumba making the team. I really thought he would make the team but I guess this is why I’m not a coach or exec.
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2020.09.04 15:50 Dwoodward85 Bottom of the article seems like Moffat and Davis would return in an emergency situation and it reads like they consider the recent origin reveal as an emergency...

I may be reading it wrong or reading it in to something that isn't there but it sure feels like Moffat is offering to come back and fix the changes that Chibnall has done to Doctor Who. I also heard on Twitter when the episode aired that Moffat and David gave each other an emoji that suggested they didn't like it although I've tried to find that exchange but can't find it.
Anyone think I'm reading into this a little to much? I'm not saying this is an announcement or anything just them offering or mentioning a willingness to return.
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2020.09.02 16:05 OptimisticRealist__ Final 53 roster

Cutdown day is approaching quickly which also means real football is right around the corner. So Id like this moment to say a few words: this year has been extraordinarily shit. Like really really shit. So many crazy things have happened and we are still in the midst of a global pandemic and yall also have a pretty important election coming up. So, i just hope made it through this craziness somewhat safely and you and youre dearest are alright!
With that being said, lets turn our attention back to what really matters - football. And more precisely, our beloved Cleveland Browns. As I said in my intro, the time for roster cuts is almost here. So lets take a look at what our final 53 might look like.


QB: (2)
Baker Mayfield, Case Keenum
This one is pretty straightforward. Baker Mayfield is our clear cut starter. Overall, he has played pretty well during training camp imo. He appears to be comfortable with the new footwork and the new, thinner frame fits him well; definetely looks more mobile and agile. Also he seems to be pretty much in command of this offense, which is a promising sign.
Case Keenum was brought in this offseason to serve as a mentor and backup to Baker. Keenum is a veteran and has worked with Stefanski before. He is also a capable starter in case (no pun intended) he needs to step in.
Garrett Gilbert has looked alright in camp, better than last year, but i dont see the Browns keeping 3 QBs. Either he or Dotson (or another QB) will be a candidate for PS.
RB: (3)
Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, D'Ernest Johnson
There arent really any words needed to describe Chubb and Hunt - both have looked amazing in this new offense and are the most dangerous 1-2 punch in the league.
For the third spot i have Johnson beating out Hillard, as he has improved this year whereas Hillard appears to have plateaued. Also Johnson offers something on ST.
FB: (1)
Andy Janovich
OT: (4)
Jedrick Wills, Jack Conklin, Chris Hubbard, Alex Taylor
Conklin and Wills are no brainers - one being a top FA signing the other the NR 10 overall pick in this years draft. Behind them i see Hubbard making the team over Lamm for several reasons: first off, there is Hubbard's dead cap of 3.4m. Secondly he seems to be a very respected leader in the locker room, as is evident by him being part of the SJ committee. Furthermore Lamm wont be here next year as his contract expires in 2021. With that being said, i can see Lamm being traded to a team that is desperate for OL help. He has played well at stretches and has starting experience, which is also valuable.
I liked Alex Taylors potential going in the draft and thought he would be drafted in the late 6th-7th round. That he went undrafted was surprising to me. He has already improved a lot since TC started and i dont see how no team would claim him if we put him on PS - so the only way to keep him is to keep him on the 53 roster.
IOL: (6)
Joel Bitonio, Wyatt Teller, JC Tretter, Nick Harris, Willie Wright, Evan Brown
Again, pretty clear. Evan Brown has experience at both C and G so he is a valuable depth piece in case JC isnt ready for week 1.
TE: (4)
Austin Hooper, Harrison Bryant, David Njoku, Stephen Carlson
I thought long about whether Carlson or Brown would make the team, i could see this still go either way. I like Carlson's potential and improvement since last year, on the other hand Brown is the better in-line blocker.
WR: (5)
OBJ, Juice, Rashard Higgins, DPJ, Khadarel Hodge
Higgins makes the team, despite having a quiet camp. Hodge has nicely improved and is a key ST player. We could trade a player like Taylor to a WR needy team (Jets).
I thought about keeping Natson for the first few weeks due to his return experience and gadget play potential, but ultimately decided to go with 5 WR.


DE: (4)
Myles, OV, Adrian Clayborn, Porter Gustin
Calyborn is a valuable veteran addition; Gustin has beaten out Chad Thomas in my books.
IDL: (4)
Sheldon Richardson, Larry, Jordan Elliott, Eli Ankou
Elliott has shown some very good flashes in TC, Ankou is the closest thing resembling a NT we currently have. Overall im a bit worried about this group in terms of being able to stop the run. I really hope Larry can step it up and come back to his rookie season performance. Maybe we bring someone in after the cuts tho, would be good since we dont have a real replacement for Andrew Billings.
LB: (6)
BJ Goodson, Jacob Phillips, Sione Takitaki, Malcom Smith, Mack Wilson, Willie Harvey Jr.
Goodson has been a pleasent surprise so far, but the question will be if he can stay on the field on 3rd downs. Takitaki has improved in coverage from what ive seen, so maybe he is less of a situational player now. I really like what ive seen from Phillips so far but the question will be if he can continue this trend against real competition.
Smith is both a valuable veteran presence for the young guys as well as a culture setter, since he has played on elite teams before. Mack could be placed on IR, depending on how bad his injury is. Since i doubt that he was a lock to be a starter, i dont think there will be a rush to get him back on the field, if the injury is more serious. I chose Harvey over Tae Davis because i liked what i saw from him last year.
CB: (7)
Ward, Greedy, Kevin Johnson, Donovan Olumba, MJ Stewart, AJ Green, Tavierre Thomas
No i didnt forget about Money Mitch, i intentionally left him off this list. Why, you ask? Well because i could see him being traded in the next couple of days. I like Money Mitch, but he wont be here next year and a team in need of a quality CB could overpay for him - something like a 2022 3rd rounder would be great.
Olumba has looked really good in camp and also is very very huge. MJ brings positional versatility to the team. AJ Green was a highly coveted UDFA signing, and i cant believe he went undrafted, but similar to the Alex Taylor situation the only way to keep him is by keeping him on the 53 roster. TT is a ST ace and also looked to have really improved at CB as well.
S: (4)
Karl Joseph, Andrew Sendejo, Sheldrick Redwine, Javante Moffatt
The loss of Delpit really hurt our depth here. For me it was a toss up between Moffatt and JT Hassell and i only chose Moffatt because he had that INT against baker on sunday. But that being said, i expect us to be active in that regard and bring someone in instead of Moffatt, possibly a veteran that has experience with Woods's scheme. I cant really see us going into the season with Moffatt as 1b backup.
ST: (3)
Austin Seibert, Hammer, Charlie Hughlett
But yeah, thats it. let me know what you think.
Stay safe and Go Browns!
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2020.09.02 06:36 roro-xpostbot u/bremoffatt: Looking to interview for YouTube!

Hi all, I don’t know if many of you speak English well but I will translate down below. My name is Bre Moffatt, I run a YouTube channel about the paranormal and spooky things. I’d like to interview someone ( over FaceTime ) about the Hoia-Baciu Forest and it’s paranormal activity. If you’re interested and speak English please message me. Thank you!
Bună tuturor, nu știu dacă mulți dintre voi vorbesc bine engleza, dar voi traduce mai jos. Numele meu este Bre Moffatt, conduc un canal YouTube despre lucrurile paranormale și înfricoșătoare. Aș dori să intervievez pe cineva (peste FaceTime) despre Pădurea Hoia-Baciu și despre activitatea sa paranormală. Dacă sunteți interesat și vorbiți engleza, vă rugăm să-mi trimiteți un mesaj. Mulțumesc!
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2020.08.31 11:38 timmyhigt369 Traditional Pikal knives, would like to learn more about a Traditional and proper Pikal knives. Pic is random I found on Google, not sure it is proper. Another maker Greg Moffatt has cool stuff. Any top makers of Pikals I should look at?

Traditional Pikal knives, would like to learn more about a Traditional and proper Pikal knives. Pic is random I found on Google, not sure it is proper. Another maker Greg Moffatt has cool stuff. Any top makers of Pikals I should look at? submitted by timmyhigt369 to knifeclub [link] [comments]

2020.08.30 21:20 unquietgraves Day 13: Reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated!

Day 13: Shout our to the Haslam’s for making the players feel comfortable.
Practice in the stadium, full uniforms and pads. The boys look like a million bucks. Genuinely missed the classic look and the stadium. Offense in Brown and Defense in White.
Jojo Natson and DPJ doing punt returns using the jugs machine. They are practicing catching but not actually return and Hammer isn’t punting.
MJ Stewart, Myles Garrett, Greedy Williams, Kevin Johnson, BJ Goodson, Chris Hubbard, JC Tretter and Mack Wilson all not practicing today. Myles’ reason isn’t known but Goodson is out for some personal reasons.
Today is supposed to be the same as yesterday. But there will be a competitive period. But tomorrow should be much more like a scrimmage according to Zegura.
I’m not saying he is Aaron Donald but Jordan Elliot reminds me of him. Dude is a shark against the pass.
Puppy of the day is Adrian Claybone.
Team period:
12 yard line for some Redzone work. Vernon against Wills, Wills does a great job but Baker overthrows Odell.
Gustin is starting in first team, he tagged Chubb on his run but it’s Chubb so it’s still a gain in game.
Shotgun to the back of the end zone and OBJ with the toe tap on a dime.
Hubbard not on second team, Keenum with the hand off to Johnson and Chad Thomas engulfs him. Great job from him thanks to the Linebackers.
Keenum slings it to Carlson and Robert Jackson stops him for like a 1 yard gain. Good shit.
Keenum passes to Hilliard, hit his hands and somehow dropped to the floor. Gotta hang on to that. Defense didn’t even touch him.
Jordan Elliot knocks back Hilliard on the next play with ease. BJ Goodson not practicing but Malcolm Smith is with first team.
Hunt bouncing out but the Warden has shit on lockdown, DBs swarm .
Hooper is Hooping! Baker with a tall ass throw in into great coverage from Tae Davis. Straight snatched it from the air.
Gustin is playing like a dog on fire. Chases Mayfield out of the pocket and Baker forced to throw to Hunt, who was probably out but can’t definitely say he was.
Sheldon and Larry are HUMONGOUS IN THE MIDDLE! Imagine running full speed into those giant bubbles. That was what happened to Hunt here.
I’m liking the back and forth between the defense and offense. Trading big plays.
Vitamix is giving 20% of anything on their website with code: “Brownsvita” today. Don’t know if anyone needs it but it’s there if you do.
Kareem says Chubb ties his cleats ugly. He said he uses “chubby knots” 😂. Love their relationship, they are both so soft spoken by Hunt is a little more vocal and jovial.
Seibert doinked a 50 yarder. He better get that shit sorted, i drafted him in Fantasy football.
Situational drills is basically Harrison Bryant being a freaking Chad in the end zone.
Kevin Davidson (UDFA QB) gets a snap in. Dude is gigantic. Seibert makes a perfect FG.
Oh wow! They are doing drills with offense backed into the endzone. They didn’t show the end result or talk about it either.
15 minutes on the clock with sound pumped in. Keenum bombs its to the Chief and Jesus! Chief looks like a new man, big man coming through. Next is a play to Hilliard. They are hitting hitting.
Hilliard gets a 5-6 yard run before he’s drowned by the defense. Chief was blocking Takitaki. A pass to Damion Ratley and he gets the touchdown. Keenum looked great on this one but Chief looked invincible and Baker is loving it.
Baker is in with the first team. Bryant and Hooper with first team now, OBJ, Jarvis too. Drop back and a pass to Jarvis and Donovan Olumba with the coverage of his life and breaks it up.
Run by Nick Chubb and Adrian Clayborn bring him down. Seems it’s First team offense versus Second team defense and vice versa.
Offense gets punished and back it up to 3rd and 14. Pass to Chubb and Chubb gets 14, brought down by Redwine and Olumba.
Hammer booms it to Natson. I’d say it was a 79 yarder.
Keenum back in, at 26 yard line. Throw to Pharosh Brown and Takitaki bring him down instantly. Basically teleported.
D’Ernest Johnson gets away from Gustin and spins for some more yards. That was a fucking play, escaped 3 defensive linemen.
Gustin gets revenge and bring down Johnson in the next play.
Higgins gets the first down, Money Mitch gets the tackle while attacking the ball. Strong hands. Case is killing it.
Keenum with the dump off to Johnson and he stiff arms Jacob Philips, Takitaki with the help and Johnson is brought down. Dude is balling!
Keenum to Carlson for a 7 yarder. Efficiency is sexy! Straight up walking the defense back easily.
Checkdown to DPJ and Tavierre a Thomas with the tackle. Great tackle and Great catch.
Keenum with a low pass, out through Higgins hand by Ward is there with the great coverage. 1st okay without positive yard.
Taywan Taylor gets a catch against Ward but falls short of first down.
Keenum rumbles for first down. This is what Baker should look like! Efficiency and Quickness.
D’Ernest Johnson Touchdown and leaps into the DAWG POUND! Good lord, our second team is good! Seibert gets the kick.
Keenum would have given George Washington a run for his money with his command of the offense.
Crazy first two drives from Keenum.
Play action boot to the right, no one open and Baker runs for about 3. Great amount of time to throw by the way. Just even better coverage.
Baker passes to Janovich and breaks Willie Harvey’s tackle. (74:5 down
JESUS! CHIEF HAS ARRIVED! STIFF ARMS ALL DAY, dude is punishing the linebackers and everyone in his way. Seems Bryant has gotten him fired up.
Lil razzle dazzle and that shit didn’t work.
Side arm to Harrison Bryant, Willie Harvey with the tackle. Y’know i feel like we shouldn’t Chief, guess they really saw something in him.
Wide open is Ratley and Baker dumps it into his bread basket. Jovante Moffatt pushes him out.
Malcolm Smith puts a stop to the tomfoolery from Jojo Natson. Shoddy blocking from Bryant but easily forgives.
OBJ completion for a first and goal. Impeccable footwork from Baker who is throwing straight flames.
No one open on that, now a 3rd and 2. Empty set wave Hunt back into the bank field. Njoku with the catch and damn near a touch down. Hunt punches it into the endzone.
THIS IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR 3 Touchdowns on 4 drives.!
Second team defense was played on that drive.
Wills needs more consistency in his game. Obviously got the talent and drive but he shouldn’t be trading wins with Olivier Vernon.
Keenum with pass to pharaohs Brown, who is a monster when blocking. Next play is a Hilliard run.
Keenum tried to bomb it to J’Mon Moore but Money Mitch with the nice coverage, falls incomplete.
Hammer drops it into the 20. Doesn’t look pleased about it though.
Austin Hooper and the First team, Baker rips it but a little to high for OBJ. Could have sworn it looks like a completion but unfortunately not.
No matter what they say Chubb is not down at first contact. They say it’s a short run for him but I know Nick woulda gotten a touchdown.
Wills with the escort and tossing a DBs for a 10 yard Chubb run.
Play fake and Hunt gets a 20 yarder. Beautiful running and patience.
Redwine knocks Odell down but it’s a completion. Next is a Hooper catch for a ten yarder. This offense is playing some great jazz.
Chubb run, but Solomon Ajayi stops the potentially big run. I feel like we should just run the ball, our RBs are literally ripping off 10 plus yard runs on every play.
Baker is sacked. Ekuale and Ankou get it him. Next play is Jordan Elliot teleporting into the backfield but Mayfield pulls a Wentz and évades him to pass to Hooper.
Next is Porter Gustin sun drying Jedrick Wills for an easy sack. It’s crazy how strong Gustin is to push Wills all the way back and get that sack.
Jedrick looks good but not consistent and we need him to be great and consistent. Not too mad though because he’s only been playing LT for a month or so.
Seibert doing some solid things.
D’Ernest Johnson is our 3rd back based on today. Keenum just picking apart the defense today with his throws to the TE. He gets another to Carlson.
Alex Taylor (LT) today with the false start and he looks so sad. Everyone is patting him and reassuring him. Keenum tried for Carlson but Karl Joseph with great coverage.
Side note: Alex Taylor is doing solid work. Took all OV could offer and stood tall here. I like him.
Wills gets beat bad by Robert McCray. Dude came through untouched but Baker gets rid of it quickly. UnfortunatelyBaker throws behind DPJ and Jovante Moffatt not missing his chance gets the interception. Clearly a miscommunication there.
Defense needs to shore up somethings. Great showing by the offense today.
Edit: Njoku was hands down the best player on offense today. He finally looks like the TE we were promised. Hopefully it translate to game day. D’Ernest Johnson is capable of being the second back but will have to settle for 3rd. In a few more years, I expect to hear Alex Taylor announced as a starter in the offensive line.
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2020.08.30 00:44 cheesewotsit Scarlett Moffatt young and busty

Scarlett Moffatt young and busty submitted by cheesewotsit to Scarlett_Moffatt [link] [comments]

2020.08.29 22:22 unquietgraves Day 12: RIP to Chadwick Boseman.

Day 12: Sad day today with Vontae Mack’s passing.
MJ Stewart, Chris Hubbard, BJ Goodson, JC Tretter, Mack Wilson, Greedy Williams, Kevin Johnson. All not practicing. I think Damion Willis (our newest signing from the Bengals is not practicing as well.)
Van Pelt with the mic calling plays.
Khadarel Hodge, Adrian Clayborn, Damion Ratley, Karl Joseph, Jarvis Landry and David Njoku are all back practicing.
Team portion:
Screen pass to D’Ernest Johnson from Baker. Njoku just walked back into the field house, weird because he looked fine. Must suck for him though especially with Bryant murdering the field daily. If we plan on trading Njoku I hope it’s to the Colts for Bobby Okereke.
Apparently Njoku is just getting extra work with the strength team inside.
Hunt going Hunt things. Dude runs like he’s wearing white clothes and the defense has Cheeto fingers.
Baker in the shotgun and he slings it to Hooper, coverage by Takitaki. Maybe Patrick Willis would have had a chance at that ball.
Baker loves tight ends 😏.
Second team tries a run and the defense beats them on that play.
Lmao! Wtf was that?! Missed communication with Harris and Baker. Way too quick of a snap.
Shotgun and Baker with a over the middle pass to Harrison Bryant. Yeah, Harvard did good on this draft.
Larry Ogunjobi is a monster! Dude is back. Single handedly blew up a Chubb the backfield.
Puppy of the day is Myles Garruff! Cute female lab mix.
Sorry if today’s write up is too opinion filled and sucky. Today’s livestream has sucked ass. They shown probably only 4-5 plays the rest are ads.
7 on 7: Quick check down to Chubb. Zegura thinks Baker has been playing great these past few days.
Good defense by Malcolm Smith, broke up Keenums throw. Next throw is to Harrison Bryant and the next is to Stephen Carlson. Trade Njoku for Bobby Okereke! All 5 TEs have been great when they were on the field.
Baker to Taywan Taylor, his accuracy is back. Next is a short pass to Natson and a dart to J’Mon Moore. Baker’s eyes are doing all his work for him. I think he’s been perfect in completions so far. No massive shots, take what’s given and make it count.
Full team period now. Hand off to Chubb and it goes for zero. Yeah, Big Larry is definitely going to be a beast in the run game. He’s literally the only DT so far that’s gotten to Chubb more than twice.
Baker has an erroneous throw but that was on the TE and Larry almost sitting the guard into his lap.
Daniel Ekuale knocks down Keenum’s pass. I would not want to play against our defense, literally will beat you up. Chad Thomas with a definite sack/batted pass on Keenum.
Defense is killing our running game, we’ve put a 5 defensive linemen on the field (3 DT and 2 DE) MEAT MOUNTAIN. Eli Ankou seems to be making his way up.
Baker with a nice pass to Janovich. Fullbacks are gonna be a major piece on this team.
Finally a solid run by Hunt, almost ended up going for nothing. The offensive line helped up here, Conklin took on Garrett and it was beautiful.
Nick Chubb runs into Jacob Philips and stalled.
Chubb is one armed tackled by Sheldon Richardson. That’s a win for Chubb in all scenarios. Takitaki with the pass break up against Chubb!
Chubb with a nice run behind Hollywood’s block. Next play is a pass to Johnny Stanton and I’m getting Hillis vibes from him.
Oh! Denzel almost picked off a pass but it went straight through us hands to Jarvis Landry’s for a nice gain. LMAO!
Alex Taylor with some reps on first team, gets beaten by Myles Garrett with ease. Dude had good movements though, something to work with. 2 years of pro coaching should make him serviceable.
Larry Ogunjobi ain’t fucking around today! Complete monster and genuinely would have killed Hilliard because of a Baker pass at full speed. I’m expecting him to destroy line men this year. Almost makes me sorry for the AFCN.
Keenum checkdown to Taywan Taylor who is swarnmed by the defense.
Chad Thomas is fighting for his job! Dude is reading plays like Kuechly. Didn’t think much if him but his past few plays were great. He’s been unstoppable against the second team today.
After some slight case of butter fingers, JMon Moore must have gone to Jarvis Landry for some help because he’s catching everything now. Caught a risky ball from Keenum despite great coverage.
Hunt with an inside run courtesy of an aesthetically pleasing Nick Harris block.
Timing mishap with Carlson and Baker, tad too early from Baker.
Khadarel Hodge with le sauce! Jukes like Shady. Catches a pass from Baker and does il his utmost to get extra yards against the LBs, got about 3 yards.
Ummmm! Keenum with a rocket of a pass to the ball boy. I thought it’s have been a rocket to a receiver.
Keenum overshoots JaMarcus Bradley who has some separation from Jovante Moffatt.
Keenum should just go ahead and take a break today, some clipboard holding might get him right.
Haven’t seen OBJ and Landry much today but Zegura and Cribbs have said they’ve been catching some passes today.
Some Seibert kicks, windy day today but dude is raining FGs right down the middle!
Tomorrow is gonna be like today but lots more scrimmages. So that’s exciting. Today was offense all day! Baker looks significantly more comfortable and the receivers are receiving.
Edit: u/Splitn1nja99, thank you for the award.
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2020.08.27 23:45 impossible_apostle Doctor Who and Humour

I've recently finished a rewatch of New Who, and dipped back to the beginning on Classic Who afterwards. One thing that struck me is that the show's relationship with humour is very inconsistent.
Much of Classic Who is relatively po-faced, with the strong exception of the Tom Baker era, which is hilarious (Troughton does play the clown, but I'm not sure we're supposed to be laughing at him). The few dips into comedy elsewhere (The Gunfighters, The Romans) are questionably successful. I'm not suggesting it's humourless (there's lots of playful joy throughout), but I don't think anyone would put "funny" at the top of their list of Classic Doctor Who adjectives.
Davies brings in a strong comic element. Some of it playfully childish, some of it is slapstick, almost all of it is situational, and much of it is the postmodern/meta mode ("Isn't all this alien stuff delightfully silly?") which I think works well for a slightly more cynical age.
With Moffatt, we get a full-on comic writer. I think I didn't appreciate this enough on the first watch, as I was more taken with other aspects of his writing (the complexity, the cleverness, the myth-building), but the Moffatt era is very, very funny. It's more dialogue-based than Davies, but still situational, and still with that slightly winking meta aspect.
And then, with Chibnall, we return to the tone of Classic Who. I really felt this, looping back from series eleven to Hartnell. I was really struck by how the humour just disappeared; the show no longer wants to laugh at itself. It doesn't mind the occasional quip here and there, but it's stopped winking at the camera. It makes me wonder how much of the apathy towards the new season is that the humour we've had for the past nine seasons has jus disappeared?
I also learned that my personal enjoyment of Doctor Who has much to do with how funny it is. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Does Who work just as well with its serious face on? Are there kinds of humour that work better than others? Does anyone dislike "postmodern Who" as much as Chibnall seems to?
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2020.08.24 17:39 templederr Scarlett Moffatt treats her mother Betty to a charity Ladies Day for her 50th birthday

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2020.08.23 19:39 templederr Scarlett Moffatt throws her mother Betty an epic 50th birthday party

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2020.08.23 16:50 newsfeedmedia Scarlett Moffatt throws her mother Betty an epic 50th birthday party

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2020.08.21 18:39 templederr Scarlett Moffatt takes driving lesson in leopard print face mask

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2020.08.21 15:55 TexanLoneStar What's the Catholic Christian response to this Neo-Arian exegesis of John 1:1's "and the Word was God"? Bit of a lengthy read but the part I will highlight kinda makes me trip up.

The last phrase in the verse, which most versions translate as “and the Word was God,” should not be translated that way. The Greek language uses the word “God” (Greek = theos) to refer to the Father as well as to other authorities. These include the Devil (2 Cor. 4:4), lesser gods (1 Cor. 8:5) and men with great authority (John 10:34 and 35; Acts 12:22). At the time the New Testament was written, Greek manuscripts were written in all capital letters. The upper and lower case letters were not blended as we do today. Thus, the distinction that we today make between “God” and “god” could not be made, and the context became the judge in determining to whom “THEOS” referred.
Although context is the final arbiter, it is almost always the case in the New Testament that when “God” refers to the Father, the definite article appears in the Greek text (this article can be seen only in the Greek text, it is never translated into English). Translators are normally very sensitive to this (see John 10:33). The difference between theos with and without the article occurs in John 1:1: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with “the theos,” and the Word was “theos.” Since the definite article is missing from the second occurrence of “theos” (“God,”) the usual meaning would be “god” or “divine.” The New English Bible gets the sense of this phrase by translating it, “What God was, the Word was.” James Moffatt who was a professor of Greek and New Testament Exegesis at Mansfield College in Oxford, England, and author of the well-known Moffatt Bible, translated the phrase, “the logos was divine.”
A very clear explanation of how to translate theos without the definite article can be found in Jesus As They Knew Him, by William Barclay, a professor at Trinity College in Glasgow:
In a case like this we cannot do other than go to the Greek, which is theos en ho logos. Ho is the definite article, the, and it can be seen that there is a definite article with logos, but not with theos. When in Greek two nouns are joined by the verb “to be,” and when both have the definite article, then the one is fully intended to be identified with the other; but when one of them is without the article, it becomes more an adjective than a noun, and describes rather the class or sphere to which the other belongs.
An illustration from English will make this clear. If I say, “The preacher is the man,” I use the definite article before both preacher and man, and I thereby identify the preacher with some quite definite individual man whom I have in mind. But, if I say, “The preacher is man,” I have omitted the definite article before man, and what I mean is that the preacher must be classified as a man, he is in the sphere of manhood, he is a human being.
[In the last clause of John 1:1] John has no article before theos, God. The logos, therefore, is not identified as God or with God; the word theos has become adjectival and describes the sphere to which the logos belongs. We would, therefore, have to say that this means that the logos belongs to the same sphere as God; without being identified with God, the logos has the same kind of life and being as God. Here the NEB [New English Bible] finds the perfect translation: “What God was, the Word was.”
SOURCE: Full article on John 1:1
What are the hole(s) in their argument? I know barely any Biblical Greek.
Cheers and happy Feast of Pope St. Pius X
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The Moffatts - I'll Be There For You - YouTube the moffatts - YouTube The Moffatts Greatest Hits - YouTube The Moffatts - YouTube If Life Is So Short (The Moffatts Cover) Music Travel Love ... The Moffatts-Girl Of My Dreams - YouTube moffats acoustic song ¦ music travel love - YouTube

Gogglebox: what happened to Scarlett Moffatt's family ...

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Thanks for watching our version of If Life Is So Short by The Moffatts. Was always one of our favorite songs to perform. Hope you guys enjoy it! Instagram: h... Credits to the owner No copyright intended Original song by #moffats #musictravellove #endlesssummer Like, share and subscribe for more 😊 Copyright Disclaime... The Moffatts are a Canadian Pop/rock band. They have the distinction of being the youngest band to ever sign a major label recording contract. They have Gold... I do not own the songs on this video. They belong to the rightful owners. No Infringement intended on this video. Enjoy the Music of One of the Greatest Boy ... the moffatts - YouTube ... the moffatts Back 2 The 90s - The Podcast! 2 hours of top pop tunes! Listen now on Mixcloud: The Moffatts Best Songs The Moffatts Greatest Hits Top 30 Of The Moffatts Songs Video The Moffatts music video for 'I'll Be There For You'